The Russian Social and Business
Promotion Center

Our mission is
to promote cooperation between the government, the civil society and the expert community
to strengthen the international presence of the Russian Federation

Who we are

The Russian Social and Business Promotion Center was established Nov. 18, 1991 as per a directive of the President of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic. In 1995 the Center was reorganized into a federal foundation. The RSBPC Foundation facilitates practical cooperation between the government agencies of the Russian Federation and political parties, social and political associations and various non-governmental organizations. The Founders of the RSBPC Foundation are the Presidential Executive Office of the Russian Federation, the Government of Moscow and a number of leading Russian think tanks and consulting companies.

what we do
  • Organizes practical cooperation
    between the civil society and the government agencies of the Russian Federation

  • Provides informational and consulting services
    for the Presidential Executive Office of the Russian Federation and the Government of Moscow.

  • Monitors, researches and analyzes public policy,
    socio-economic and societal trends

  • Conducts full range of activities
    on shaping public opinion in the Russian Federation and abroad

  • Supports and facilitates development and application of innovations and IT

  • Provides further education programs
    in economics, finance and public administration

  • Facilitates dialogue on pressing issues of social development between all organizations and structures concerned

  • Supports and promotes socially significant efforts and projects by NGOs, business community and professional associations

  • Works out strategies and models of social, political, human and cultural development

  • Develops and implements programs of international cooperation

  • Develops and implements cultural and charity programs and projects

  • Implements educational programs for minors, including programs on computer skills, IT and innovation

Alexey Trubetskoy
Department of Information
and Analytics
Department for Support
of Government Programs
and National Projects
Department for International Cooperation
and Special Projects
Department for Science
and Technology
Department for System Consulting
Department for Education
and Training
Administrative Department
Vyacheslav Kopiev
Председатель Наблюдательного
совета Фонда,
Председатель Попечительского
Совета благотворительного
фонда АФК «Система»,
Советник Председателя Совета
директоров АФК «Система»
Sergey Mndoyants
Старший вице-президент
ООО «ВЛМ-Инвест.
Агентство содействия
развитию экономических
Viktor Volodkin
Председатель Попечительского
совета Консалтинговой
корпорации «НОВОКОМ»
Sergei Trube
Директор Фонда,
Президент Фонда
«Московские Энциклопедии»
Ilya Kiselyov
Исполнительный директор
Национальной службы
The Directive
On Establishment
of the RSBPC
The Directive №1
On Reorganization
of the RSBPC
The Directive №2
On Matters Related
to the RSBPC Foundation